Tune Car Audio


car audio
Our audio calibration service ensures your car audio system is performing at its peak capability.  Sophisticated test equipment along with experience is used to determine how your audio system is performing.

Key Benefits:

  • Cleaner sounding music
  • Proper bass level
  • Verify equipment is performing as intended.


Key Steps:

  • Fix connection errors
  • Speaker delay setup
  • Speaker level calibration
  • Adjust speaker crossover frequency
  • Adjust speaker crossover type and slope
  • All speaker phase check
  • Bass management setup
  • Subwoofer phase setup
  • Fold subwoofer properly into overall system
  • Equalization to reduce frequency response problems
  • Listen to real recordings for verification and fine tuning
  • Lip sync correction

Test Equipment List:

  • Sencore SP495 – professional audio analyzer with SoundPro-EX, TechBench, Noise Curves, Speech Intelligibility, Time Delay Analysis and Multi-Band Decay RT60 optional software
  • ACO Pacific MK224PH Type 1 measurement microphone for room noise level classification to NC 15, frequency response measurements and time measurements
  • Earthworks M30 measurement microphone for accurate frequency and time measurements
  • TrueRTA real time analyzer and signal generator
  • Custom DVD and to automatically perform audio test with Dolby Digital 5.1 test signals
  • Gold Line ‘s “The 5.1 Audio Toolkit”
  • Various music recordingsEarthworks M30 Microphone


  • BS Engineering Degree

Application Experience:

  • Over 2000 systems